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Michael J. Daly

Daly Financial, LLC
2118 Island Trail

Chapin, SC 29036
Phone: (803)518-3357


Michael J. DalyEquifax: Here at Equifax we have used his organization to deliver workshops to our employees. They were designed to help them understand their own specific situation and have those situations tie into the programs the company offers. I think that Charles’ organization provides materials and guidance to be able to do this. I am particularly impressed with the notebook that is available, the willingness to understand a companies policies and procedures as well as the service of being able to meet with a person one-on-one.

Lynn Slavenski

Vice President

Corporate Education & Organizational Development

Marriott: What a great class! I can use this information immediately! I now have a better understanding of my financial future!…Charles, with comments like that you should feel proud at the outstanding Personal Financial Management Workshop held at Marriott’s Atlanta Learning Center.

Jennifer Barton

Learning Center Coordinator 


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